…it’s a dogs’ life!

Loved and respected as a family member, pets deserve an important place in our homes.
The simple shelter for the dog or the basket for the cat is no longer enough and strong demand pushes the interior design to combine modern and pets furniture, to create a new idea of pet bed.

The needs of the owner and pet, can coexist in the same space, making it easier coexistence between two beings so different but with the same strong desire to live together peacefully.


The line of pet beds for dogs and cats signed by Purr & Growl, it borns from the ability to perceive and desire a better dimension for us and for our loved pets.
It’s imagined and designed not to give up the modern and contemporary design style, to dedicate a place, in your home, for your pet. These are real designer exclusive pieces that become a part of your furniture and your daily life.
All the pet beds and the accessories are entirely handmade in Italy, taking the greatest care both in the choice of materials and in the processing, to ensure the highest quality.

In each new product, Purr & Growl searches the right balance between creativity and functionality, with the main purpose to offer the maximum comfort to your pet and to make you satisfied and pleased with your new purchase.

Taking care of your animals for us is not only a work
but a great passion!